What We Do

"At Meat Press we believe in quality products from local farmers, foragers and suppliers. As a Chef in the region’s best restaurants, I have a close relationship with these hard working farmers to ensure the best culinary experience for our customers."

Our Products

 Pear glazed foie gras

foie gras torchon

Foie gras terrine

ready to eat 

spicy dry sausage

from Ontario! 

Boudin noir

blood pudding

Ibérico jamon

aged 28 months

Ibérico chorizo

a Spanish favorite

 ibérico pancetta

 sweet and salty pork belly

Morcon salami 

made with ibérico ham from Spain

Charcuterie plates

customized plates for any occasion

Charcuterie and cheese

blends of local cheese and
authentic charcuterie

Sandwich Shop


Sandwiches are served Tuesday to Saturday from        11am to 4pm  

Wednesday to Friday Take-Out Only from                      5:30pm to 9pm 

Menu will change daily check it out on Twitter 


Dinner menu is served Wednesday to Friday night from 5:30 to 10 pm


Sides  change daily








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Opening hours:

Tuesday: 11am to 6pm

Wednesday to Friday: 11am to 4pm and 5:30pm to 10pm

Samedi: 11am to 4pm

Monday: Closed

Get in touch with us:

Phone: 613.695.7737

Email: info@meatpress.ca

Twitter: @MeatPressShop

Facebook: MeatPressShop Page